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Kalamazoo Publishing announces the publication of a revision of CPAP and Sleep Apnea – A User's Manual By a User.Front cover image

The revision adds three additional photos and other useful information. Links to the web have been omitted because a few became inactive. Instead, information is provided for the reader to do a current search for relevant information.

While there are many books about (obstructive) sleep apnea and treatment thereof with CPAP/BiPAP they virtually all are theoretical in discussing the reasons for sleep apnea and the increase in risk of a fatal heart attack and other very sever medical problems for those with sleep apnea who do not use CPAP.

Sleep apnea contributed the author’s father’s fatal heart attack in 1969 when there was no CPAP.  The author also has found many individuals with sleep apnea either do not use every night or do not use when traveling or use only part of the night, that he now teaches a course twice a year giving the solutions he found to the day to day use of CPAP that is not in other books. 

CPAP and Sleep Apnea – A User's Manual By a User  is a compilation of his teachings which is  a very practical guide to improve the ease of day to day use including travel. During 11 years of using BiPAP, the author used his medical and research training and the inventiveness of his profession (patent law) to solve most of the same problems any user encounters which makes the individuals daily use much easier and more therapeutic. You don’t have to reinvent the best way to use your equipment, just follow his advice. 

The very useful topics he covers includes getting the mask to fit properly; preventing the tube from getting caught in the sheets and bedding; improving the method of connecting the mask to the tube to the point it is so easy it can be done with one hand; providing a list of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals that help you breath better when using CPAP; providing a check list for travel of items not used at home but may be needed when traveling so use is as easy as at home regardless of the lodging; discussion of humidifier use and tube sheaths; developing a method to ensuring that mask and humidifier parts are not left at home when traveling; suggestions on washing your mask pieces and tube; explaining why to save old tubes and masks for pieces; disclosing how to have your CPAP operate normally during power outages and explaining why it is necessary to keep good records.

The author includes many pictures of how he uses his system when traveling based on his experience in about 35 states as well as foreign travel in the UK, France and New Zealand/Australia as well as on two cruises. 

The Executive Director of the American Sleep Apnea Association has reviewed CPAP and Sleep Apnea – A User’s Manual By a User and posted the following comments on Amazon.com:
"Bruce Stein has written an excellent and very readable "user's manual" for Positive Airway Pressure therapy devices (CPAP/BiPAP). I put user's manual in quotations because, as the author reminds the reader regularly, his book does not replace the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Mr. Stein addresses a number of the issues that can interfere with the successful use of therapy. One example is using the device while traveling. He provides a checklist of items traveling apneic should have on hand to address any eventuality.
For those new to therapy, this book should go a long way to flattening the learning curve to successfully treating your condition."

An added extra is the explanation of how the “quickie” nap refreshes tired sleep apnea individuals and can be worked into a daily routine.

Now available at Kazoo Books (407 N. Clarendon and 2413 Parkview) Kalamazoo, MI
The book can also be obtained at any book store including Borders, Barnes & Noble or ordered on line from Amazon or other online book sellers. 

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