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Kalamazoo Publishing announces the publication of Three Calls of the Whip-poor-will, a novel which takes place in the early eighteenth century in Lanaway, Auglaize Valley, England.

The Branch family who lives close to Lord Annlund, governor and mayor of the Valley, responds to a tragic fire on Christmas Eve, 1725. The great fire encompasses the mayor’s manor, servants’ house, barns, and stables. Lee, Richie, and Janie Branch see their father murdered that night while he tries to help any survivors of the great fire of which there were none.

As time goes by and Lee’s mother is forced to sell her farm because without the help of her husband she is unable to keep up the homestead. Lee is determined to solve the mystery of his father’s death and find out who set the fire to the manor and surrounding buildings.

The people who live in the Auglaize Valley live in fear of a horseman who roams the countryside on a black horse. These people who live in the Valley also see candlelight in one of the charred manor windows; they believe someone still lives in the blackened manor.

Lee, Richie, and Janie solve all of the many mysteries of the Valley like who stole gold from the King’s coffers, who is killing some of the towns people, why there is sometimes candlelight in the manor window, and other unexplained mysteries.

The remaining Branches, along with their friend, Dale, leave for America where they start life anew.


KALAMAZOO PUBLISHING (KP) publishes books for authors at what it costs KP to publish the book plus $100.  To register a book for a year is $12; to upload files for a new book is $75 and a proof copy which is highly recommended is $30.  If you don’t have an ISBN, KP can supply it at our cost of $25.  This brings the total cost (which includes a proof copy) to $242.  In addition, if either file has to be revised, the cost to KP is $40 which is an additional $40/file.  These costs are subject to change and are for illustration only.  If the book is of the type that is very unlikely to see any reasonable amount of sales, KP’s fee is $200.

The author receives the profit (not royalties) from sales of his/her book which are paid by the printer monthly, three months after they are earned.  KP retains 10% for its work and forwards 90% to the author.


KP is a print on demand (POD) publisher and needs only the two files (text and cover) which comply with the printer’s requirements.  If you are not able to do this on your own, KP can refer you to individuals who can turn your manuscript into the two files that meet the required format. If you have any questions about having your book published, please don’t hesitate to give a call.


KALAMAZOO PUBLISHING sells books it publishes both wholesale and retail.  Please contact us for quantity pricing.
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